Cambridge English

English for Academic Purposes

CEPEP : Cambridge English Proficiency Enhancement Programme

Designed by leading experts in education from Cambridge University, these courses have gained extreme popularity all over the world. Eight levels of English proficiency from young learners all the way up to postgraduates and working adults who seek mastery in English. Successfully completing any of the upper three courses earns the student a certificate proving ability in English that is recognized by over 20,000 organisations globally. These certificates can be used for entry into university, work-related purposes, and even for immigration.


Another globally recognised English test that grades the proficiency of the user’s English. We offer potential candidates intensive preparation courses to ready themselves to face this tough exam.


A critical requirement for students intending to study in a local university, and for some employers within the country.

Intensive English for Adults

Courses designed for adult learners both non-speakers and semi-proficient, to build confidence and ease in speaking the language.

English Enrichment Programmes

Courses revolving around specific areas of the language, including, writing, grammar, story-telling, public speaking, holiday-English camps, seminars and workshops, and intensive English holiday programmes.

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Cambridge English

The most valuable range of English qualifications in the world.

Cambridge English Young Learners (YLE)

Starters – Movers – Flyers (5 – 12 years old)

These courses are tailor made for young learners – pre-school and primary – to give them an exciting introduction to the English language – something most of us, for whom English is a second language, never received. The seeds for future success are planted here. Basic yet critical grammatical patterns are creatively taught at this state to allow for easier and smoother learning in the future.

CEFR Level: Pre-A1 – A2

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Cambridge EnglishMain Suite

Cambridge English: Key (KET)(11 – 14 years old)

A basic-level qualification, that proves your ability to use English to communicate in simple situations. Success at this level gives the student the required confidence to further his or her study of the English language, and to attempt higher-level exams like the Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) and Cambridge English: First (FCE).

CEFR Level: A2 (Waystage)

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Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET)(12 – 15 years old)

Study at this level cements the fundamentals of the English language. At the end of this course, essential grammar is intact. It is the stepping stone to a level of better comprehension, and greater fluency. Successful completion of the PET exam indicates the student has mastered the basics of English and now has practical language skills for everyday use.

CEFR Level: B1 (Threshold)

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Cambridge English: First (FCE)(14 – 17 years old)

This course gives the student a broader picture of the world, encouraging real-life understanding and responses, and adequately expanding vocabulary while becoming familiar with a wider range of grammatical patterns. Success at this level proves that the student has the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or study courses taught in English. This is a crucial step in preparation for Cambridge English: Advance (CAE).

CEFR Level: B2 (Vantage)

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Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)(16 years old & above)

A more challenging course but one which opens the doors to more than 6,000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments worldwide that accept CAE as proof of high-level achievement. Ideal for students sitting for the SPM and STPM/Pre-U, preparing to enter colleges or universities, and for adults who seek certification of competency for work-related purposes.

CEFR Level: C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency)

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Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)(18 years old & above)

Success in this course shows mastery of the English language to an exceptional level. It proves the ability to communicate with the fluency and sophistication of a native speaker. This course is suitable for students with an already strong command of the language who seek a higher degree of certification of competency in the English language. It is the clearest indication that English is no stumbling block or barrier, and that the student can function very competently and comfortably in an English-speaking environment.

CEFR Level: C2 (Mastery)

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The CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability. It is used around the world to describe learners’ language skills.

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